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DE-1-FRA Migration to Ryzen 7 7700

Sep 29 at 07:00pm BST  –  Sep 29 at 09:00pm BST
Affected services

Sep 29 at 10:44pm BST

Migration was successful with minimal downtime to clients.

Sep 29 at 07:00pm BST

We have taken a decision to migrate clients on our current 5950X hypervisors to new hypervisors running Ryzen 7 7700 CPUs. As clients are not affected by the core count of the hypervisor, this is considered a free upgrade and will not affect current pricing at all. Information will follow concerning this migration and IP addresses will not change.

We're not 100% sure on the maintenance window for this but we are discussing multiple methods to ensure minimal downtime to clients. This maintenance will be updated as soon as we have more information.